The dollar jumps by 0.7% to NIS 3.56 per dollar

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On Friday, trading in the continuous dollar was thin compared to the days of the week, and still, this is an important indication. The continuous dollar expresses the changes on an ongoing basis, with a Yitzig exchange rate set every day except Friday. A Yazig gate is an end-of-day gate, a continuous gate is the truly important gate that expresses change in every moment.

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So now the dollar rises by 0.7% to NIS 3.56 per dollar. This may be due to the declines on Wall Street. Wall Street declines require the institutional bodies to change the hedging amounts on the dollar. These are large numbers and when there are declines in the markets, the dollar hedging amount should accordingly decrease.

We will illustrate with an example. Let’s assume that the body has shares worth a billion dollars and against it short positions on the dollar in relation to the shekel of one billion so that it does not have exposure to the dollar. Let’s say the market is down 2% and the stock is now worth $980 million. This body should reduce the short position on the dollar from 1 billion to 980 million dollars. How do you reduce shortness? buy dollars A $20 million purchase would put him in the red for $980 million.

The investments of the institutions abroad are soaring. The local market is small for them and this makes them to be the most significant player in the last year in the foreign exchange market. And it is expected to continue. Beyond that, the negative atmosphere – the protests – the demonstrations over the legal reform also cause an increase in uncertainty, also economic and cause an increase in demand for the dollar. Rising demand means – an increase in the dollar exchange rate.

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