The double attack in Kabul between the ferocity of Isis and the massacre of the displaced –

from Lorenzo Cremonesi, sent on the Kabul-Islamabad flight

The attack mainly affected the Afghans massed near the airport, the Italian C-130 and the maneuvers to avoid the gusts

Corpses of civilians floating in their blood mixed with the stinking sewage in the sewer channel around the airport perimeter. Videos circulated among Afghans show pictures from the street in front of them flushed, shreds of bodies everywhere, broken luggage, women, men, children in despair.

Just behind the barbed wire, here are the American soldiers trying to save them while still on the trail behind them slow and clumsy silhouettes of cargo planes riskily attempting to continue the airlift. Until? The suicide bombers achieved their goal yesterday afternoon in Kabul: the exodus from the city irremediably damaged, the nightmare comes true. In fact, the Afghans can no longer leave. Local hospitals report at least seventy dead and over 120 injured (Here the updates in real time). In the evening the Pentagon confirmed the death of 12 marines and the wounding of 3. This is how terrorism, pain and above all the strategy of brutal use of weapons triumphs to overturn the political and social situation.

Two days ago we ourselves heard US intelligence officials at Kabul airport claim that ISIS attacks were imminent in the terminal access area and even against take-off planes. For them, an effective massacre, amplified by the world media, offers a triple victory: it hits Western infidels, boycots the Taliban attempt to impose normalization on the country and threatens those Afghans who are considered traitors for having collaborated with the Americans and their allies, explained one of the officers. And ISIS has in fact claimed responsibility for the attack. A bomber, we read on the Telegram channel of the news agency linked to the terrorist organization, Amaq, managed to reach a group of translators and collaborators of the American army at the Baran Camp near the Kabul airport and made his belt shine. explosive among them, killing about 60 people, including Taliban fighters. Also published the photo of the suicide bomber.

The dynamics of the attack unveils a well-orchestrated direction. A first kamikaze blows himself up in Abbey Gate, controlled by the Americans, but in front of which a large part of the Afghans are waiting. The effect of the shrapnel among thousands of massed bodies is devastating. Here we count the highest number of victims. Bursting shots follow that add panic and confusion. And just after that, a car bomb explodes near the nearby Baron hotel, which is one of the busiest refuge areas, where American citizens and their senior Afghan collaborators gather before trying their luck and reaching the terminal. In recent days, the advanced US patrols had made some sorties to escort them safely to the take-off area. Now, however, much suggests that, as the final date of the withdrawal of 31 August approaches, the attacks are destined to become more insidious.

August 26, 2021 (change August 26, 2021 | 23:58)


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