The Dragon House Chapter 6: The Princess and the Queen are already deep in the war, just waiting for blood

How does time fly when you’re having fun? Laynor Valeryon and Rhaenyria Targaryen were already married a decade ago, but to us it felt like only a week. Fortunately, the last time jump of “Dragon House” gave us the living room conversations with the happy couple about the particularly sad wedding ceremony, but unfortunately it left us with quite a bit of confusion about the balance of power in the Red Fort.

So let’s sort things out: the king is still Viserys the Elder, his queen wife is still Alicent Hathaway. The couple has four children – Aegon, Hailana, Eymond and Darion. The heir to the throne is still Rhaenyria Targaryen, Viserys’ daughter from his previous marriage. Rainira and her husband Lenor also have three sons: Jachariz, Lucaris and Joffrey.

Rhaenyria Targaryen and Laynor Valeryon, from “House of the Dragon” (Photo: Ollie Upton/HBO, courtesy of yes)

But a heavy shadow hangs over the marriage of Rainiera and Leynor in the form of the knight Hervin Strong, who, according to rumors, is the real father of Rainiera’s three children. Also, Sir Kriston Cole of the Kingsguard has switched his former loyalty to the princess and is now loyal to Queen Alicent.

And now we can return to the plot: the internal battle between the princess and the queen cuts the royal court in two. Both want the throne for themselves and their children and both can no longer tolerate the presence of the other. The hatred between them is so deep that the queen feels the need to snatch Rainiera’s baby son from her hands the second he is born in order to look and understand if the princess has finally had a legitimate child.

Rainieria, for her part, tries to radiate power and drags Lenore to the queen to present a united front against her. However, Alicent’s behavior throughout the whole situation makes one thing clear – she is only waiting for the opportunity to expose the princess’s lie to the eyes of the entire kingdom, even if the king knows and prefers to ignore it.

In addition, in the current episode, we finally arrived at the dragon pit, where the younger generation of House Targaryen shows the ability to control dragons, even if not everyone succeeds in doing so to the same extent. For the first time we are also exposed to the bully nature of Aegon, who is cruel to his younger brother Aemund and gives him a boar instead of the dragon he doesn’t have. In an attempt to show that he is a true Targaryen and not a coward, Eymond tries his hand against one of the elder dragons of the realm and is almost burned to death.

Aegon Targaryen, grew up to be a brutal bully. From “Dragon House” (photo: Ollie Upton/HBO, courtesy of yes)

Alicent will of course not pass up the opportunity and blame Rainier’s children for the deed, but old Viserys probably knows his son’s character and knows who is really responsible. The one who tries to strengthen the queen’s position is the knight Cole, who takes Sir Harwin out of the tools in the royal court and hints at his paternity in front of the children, which leads the knight to attack back and prove the truth in his actions for all to see.

Harwin’s act dawns on him in his position as a king and he is sent, with his father accompanying him, back to Arnhall Castle. The one who takes advantage of the opportunity this time is Laris, Harvin’s younger brother, who shows his loyalty to the queen by burning the two in their beds with the help of mute prisoners, who will never be able to tell about the deed.

Queen Alicent with Larris Strong, from “House of the Dragon” (Photo: Ollie Upton/HBO, courtesy of yes)

Meanwhile in Penthos, Daemon Targaryen is already the father of two daughters and married, apparently relatively happily, to Lyanna Valeryon, who grew up to become his right hand and not just his wife. The two are staying in Pentos, where they try to convince them to join the war against the same enemies that Damon has already defeated before, but while he strives for power, she strives to return to her home. Unfortunately for her, her pregnancy does not progress as planned and as a last resort she asks to die in the fire of her dragon – and the agar.

However, Damon is not left alone and he will now be forced to raise the two girls – Bayala and Rahina himself. Rahina, it should be noted, is dragonless unlike her sister, which probably makes her father somewhat dismissive of her. There is nothing to do, for Damon power comes before love.

At the end of the episode, with Sir Harwyn leaving Maale Melech, Rahinyria realizes that she must leave the palace, even if it means leaving Alicent alone to whisper in the king’s ear. The princess takes her children, her husband and his lover with her and flees to Dragonstone, no doubt to prepare for the war that is about to break out. But fear is not only her lot, it is also found in Alicent who sees for the first time the true face of Larris, the man who will not be afraid to do the most heinous deeds if it means moving up the ladder.


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