The Duma approves the anti-Navalny law, bans activists from running for office – LRussia is close to the passing of an anti-Navalny law. The Duma of State approved in the third and final reading a bill that prevents citizens involved in the work of organizations recognized and banned as extremists to be elected to Parliament. The bill appears to be aimed specifically at activists from the opposition movement Aleksey Navalny, whose organizations are currently on trial after the prosecution asked for their classification as “extremists” four months before the legislative elections in September, against the backdrop of the unpopularity of the ruling United Russia party.

The law provides to temporarily prohibit (for a maximum period of five years) to be elected to the Duma to citizens who are members of public, religious and other organizations closed by decision of the judge following the classification of “extremists” or “terrorists”.

Now the measure passes to the Senate whose green light is obvious and then goes to the signature of the president, Vladimir Putin.


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