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Puglia, which is trying to restart, and which has already done so in part, finds itself the protagonist, today at 11 am, of the new appointment with the «Economy of Italy».

After the opening of the meeting (which can be followed live on by Massimo Fracaro, editorial manager of L’Economia del Corriere della Sera, there will be an interview with the president of the Region Michele Emiliano who will dialogue with the journalist of the Corriere della Sera Michelangelo Borrillo. At 11.30 Stefano Righi, journalist of L’Economia del Corriere della Sera will interview Pierpio Cerfogli, deputy general manager and chief business officer of Bper Banca. At 11.40 the round table will begin, with the president of Confindustria Puglia and Bari-Bat by Sergio Fontana, the president of the Its Apulia Digital Maker Euclide Della Vista Foundation, the president and CEO of Pastificio Andriani, Michele Andriani, the president of Sitael and councilor by Mermec Chiara Pertosa, the sole director of Zero & Company Pasquale Vendola.

Later in the morning, the interview with Nicola Lanzetta, head of Enel’s Italian market, which will be followed by the “Resilience and Innovation Award” by Bper Banca, with the representatives of the winning SMEs: Aldo Cialdella, CFO of Cma, Antonella La Notte, president of Hevolus, Antonio Pepe, director of the Study and Research Center of Farmalabor, and Salvatore Pulignano, regional director of Puglia Basilicata of Bper Banca.


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