The Economy of Italy Tuscany – The strength of business

Starting again from regional excellences such as textiles, the vine-wine sector, pharmaceuticals, the integrated automotive supply chain, geothermal energy. All sectors with a high rate of innovation and increasingly attentive to aspects of sustainability: ideal candidates to contribute to the revival of Tuscany. They will be at the center of the new stage of “The Economy of Italy – Restarting from Business”, dedicated to the Tuscany model, live today on at 3.00 pm. An interview with the President of the Region, Eugenio Giani, opens the proceedings. Among the guests: Stefano Rossetti, Deputy General Manager of BPER Banca, Lucia Aleotti, Board Member of Menarini, Luca Lucchesi, Enel Central Macro Area Manager. This is followed by the round table with Gilda D’Incerti, founder of Pqe group, Alessandro Petretto, professor emeritus of the University of Florence, and Valter Severini, president and CEO of Selene group, one of the winning companies of the Conai tender for eco-design of packaging. The virtual delivery of the «Resilience and innovation BPER Banca» award closes in the morning.


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