The Ecuador Navy training ship intercepts a narcos boat: 4 traffickers arrested –

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The ship of the Ecuadorian Navy was on a training mission. In recent years, 111 “narcosubs” have been identified, which drug cartels usually destroy at the end of the missions.

An unusual boarding for the unit involved. The Guayas, training ship of the Navy of Ecuador, intercepted in international waters a low profile boat used by narcos. Captured four traffickers.

The three-masted sailing ship engaged in a training mission managed to block the boat and some sailors carried out a search. It is not clear whether the “pirates” have had some boredom with the engines.

South American smugglers have long invested in this modus operandi. The boats – known as narcosubs – generally depart from Colombia or Ecuador and then reach the coasts of Central America. The network takes charge of the coca and transfers it to the ground to make it continue in the direction of the USA.

Usually the craft is sunk while the crew returns home. The construction of the boat costs about one million dollars. The gangs have small workshops hidden in the jungle and positioned along canals leading to the sea.

Colombian official sources have specified that 111 narcosubs have been identified in recent years. Broken down as follows: 56 in the Pacific, one in the Caribbean, 9 in international waters and 45 thanks to international collaboration.

For the authorities, the Gulf Clan is one of the organizations most involved in this type of operation, with the involvement of former Farc guerrillas frequently.

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