The effect of fasting on mental health will shock you

Fasting effectively helps in improving mental health, and not eating for certain periods can help raise ketones levels in the body; Ketones are chemicals your liver makes and your body uses for energy. The process of making ketones in the liver is as follows: During fasting, the body uses the liver’s stores of glucose (sugar – the main fuel cells use to produce energy), which causes cells to secrete fat, and when these fats travel to the liver, they turn into ketones for your body to use to get energy. The benefits of fasting do not depend on the body burning fat only, as there are many mental and psychological benefits of fasting. In the following lines, we review the effect of fasting on mental health:

The effect of fasting on mental health

1- Improvement of mental functions: When you fast, your body contains less toxic substances that flow through the blood and lymph system, making it easier for you to think. During fasting, the energy you normally use to digest food is available for use by the brain. You probably won’t notice this mental change until the first few days of fasting, because your body takes time to adapt. You may have headaches or pain points in the early days of fasting, but after your body cleanses itself of toxins, your brain can access a cleaner bloodstream. This leads to clearer thoughts, better memory, and sharpening of your other senses.
2- Increasing willpower: Choosing to fast requires mental strength and the ability to resist short-term gratification, to achieve long-term goals. When you decide to fast, and manage to go long hours without food or drink, you are likely to experience tremendous satisfaction and a renewed sense of accomplishment.

Fasting lowers your stress level

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3- Regeneration of cells: Fasting puts your body in a regeneration experience, where diseased cells dissolve, and only healthy tissues remain. There is also a noticeable redistribution of nutrients in the body, as the body benefits from, vitamins and precious minerals while processing old tissues, toxins, or substances unwanted and get rid of them.
4- Reducing stress levels: Fasting helps maintain the production of cortisol, which is related to the body’s response to stress. Fasting can stabilize cortisol, which is produced by the adrenal glands, which can reduce stress levels. Excess cortisol production is not good for the body. Because it can suppress the immune system.

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