The El Juli gang, at the time of farewell: “What will become of us, teacher?”

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2023-10-01 04:21:41
Alejandra’s rusty voice brings out a smile in the father who in an hour will risk his life. José Núñez Pilo (Badajoz, 1988) says goodbye to his daughter and promises her that the next day, they will finally see each other. “When you’re asleep, Daddy will come home,” he whispers to her while holding his little girl’s teddy bear. It is five twenty in the afternoon when Pilo leaves the hotel room. Where he will not return. At six forty a bull will break his calf and open his thigh in a pair of banderillas: two gorings that overwhelm the entire gang, the other great family of El Juli. The driver, at the threshold of… See More
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