The elected representatives of the Republic speak to the elected representatives of the FFR

The elected representatives of the Republic speak to the elected representatives of the FFR

THE FIGARO/GRANDSTANDS – About fifty political figures have signed a collective text calling on the Steering Committee of the French Rugby Federation, “clearly disavowed”, to resign. A forum published exclusively by Le Figaro.

“For a long time, rugby was considered the school of life. We learned the principles of life there: solidarity, altruism, respect for the adversary, the referee, those who gave the club the means to exist.

Among these principles, that of respect for democracy, seems to us essential to the functioning of our Nation as well as to the functioning of institutions such as the French Rugby Federation. We heard with satisfaction its leaders, led in 2016 by Bernard Laporte, wanting to further democratize this institution. Isn’t this the best way to best meet the expectations of amateur clubs? Sporting expectations of course, but also societal expectations so that Rugby is really a school of life and that the Federation plays its role of “intermediate body” in terms of public sports policy in France.

Today, this momentum is broken by the inconsistency of the current leaders of the FFR, which is damaging for Rugby but more broadly for democracy.

Twice, the majority of amateur clubs expressed their distrust of the leaders of this Federation.

First during a financial General Assembly last December then, in a more massive way, with an exceptional participation of more than 90%, during a recent referendum which aimed to restore to these elected representatives a legitimacy lost after the withdrawal of their President following a conviction at first instance for corruption.

“We invite the current leaders to respect the recommendations of the State and to draw the conclusions of the recent election by submitting their results to the vote of the clubs as soon as possible.”

Clearly disavowed, the Steering Committee of the FFR nevertheless decided to remain in power by considering that the referendum had no value and by dissociating itself from its President who, himself, resigned.

Worse, the members of this same Steering Committee rejected the word of the State by declaring “to make fun” of the opinion of the Minister of Sports and the Olympic and Paralympic Games, totally ignoring the efforts of the regions and the State who provided financial support for the event and without whom world-class events cannot take place.

Respect for the State, for democracy and for the expression of voters cannot be negotiated: in France, it is an imperative to which we comply at the risk of definitively disqualifying an institution and its leaders.

So that Rugby is again a school of life, so that this magnificent sport is supported by a legitimate Federation and that France can celebrate its “Blues” on the occasion of a successful World Cup, we invite the leaders present to respect the recommendations of the State and to draw the conclusions of the recent election by submitting their results to the vote of the clubs as soon as possible.

List of signatories

Christine Bonfanti-Dossat : senator of Lot-et-Garonne
Henry Cabanel : senator of Hérault
Jean-Pierre Corbiez : senator from Pas de Calais
Éric Gold : senator of Puy-de-Dôme
André Guiol : senator from Var
Olivier Henno : secretary general of the UDI, senator from the North
Jean Jacques Lozach : senator of Creuse
Jean Yves Roux : senator of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence
Naima Moutchou : MP for Val-d’Oise, Vice-President of the National Assembly
Stephane Travert : former minister, deputy of Manche
Quentin Battalion : deputy of the Loire
Ian Boucard : MP for Belfort
Celine Calvez : MP for Hauts-de-Seine
Francois Cormier-Bouligeon : Member of Parliament for Cher
Paul Christopher : member of the North
Arthur Delaporte : Member of Parliament for Calvados
Julien Dive : MP for Aisne
Virginie Duby Muller : MP for Haute-Savoie
Pierre-Henri Dumont : MP for Pas de Calais
Jean-Luc Fugit : Member of the Rhône
Bruno Millieme : MP for Yvelines
Maxime Minot : MP for Oise
Claudia Rouaux : MP for Ille et Villaine
Aurelien Tache : MP for Val-d’Oise
Jerome Dumont : President of the General Council of the Meuse
Emmanuel Alzuri : mayor of Bidart
Filipe Aramendi : mayor of Urrugne
Olivier Bianchi : mayor of Clermont-Ferrand
Jean-Francois Debat : mayor and president of the agglomeration of Bourg-en-Bresse
Louis Giscard d’Estaing : former vice-president of the National Assembly, mayor of Chamalières
Samuel Hazard : mayor and president of the agglomeration of Verdun
Thibault Humbert : mayor of Eragny-sur-Oise, regional councilor Île-de-France
Jean Jacques Lopez : mayor of Salses and president of the community of communes of Salanque-Corbières
Gerard Lucien : mayor of Treilles
Vincent Noves : mayor of Balma
Romain Grau : former deputy, municipal councilor of Perpignan
Emile Mouheb : Deputy Mayor of Cernay
Wilfrid Pailhes : municipal councilor of Bourg-lès-Valence
Quentin Lagallarde : regional councilor of Normandy
Eric Schahl : general delegate of the UDI, regional councilor Île-de-France
John Paul Baquet : honorary deputy of Puy-de-Dôme
Regis Juanico : former member of the Loire
Alain Perea : former MP for Aude
Francois Rochebloine : former member of the Loire
Antoine Savignat : former MP for Val-d’Oise
Gérard Terrier : former MP for Moselle


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