The elections in the Sestao River are dated May 14

The elections in the Sestao River are dated May 14

Thursday, March 30, 2023, 20:51

In the midst of the euphoria for the victory achieved last Saturday, which leaves them well on their way to promotion to the First Federation, Sestao River kicked off a new electoral process yesterday. The leaders from Sestao communicated to the 56 members attending the assembly hall of the Ángel Figuera Institute the numerous steps to be taken over the next few days until reaching a hypothetical end, which would be the elections. These would only be held in the event that more than two candidacies were presented and would be on May 14 in the press room of the Las Llanas stadium, coinciding with the last game day of the league against Izarra.

First of all, the assembly began with a few words of thanks from President Ángel Castro, who told EL CORREO that he has not yet made the decision to run again after eight years in office. He carried out a broad synthesis about this last legislature, which he summarized as “four years marked by the pandemic and by sporting success.” A stage where the green and black squad has managed to ascend to the Second Federation and that these last two campaigns have remained in a permanent fight to go back up another step. Now things would have to go wrong for them not to take that leap.

The electoral calendar is made up of several sections. Among them, they highlighted that the week for the presentation of candidacies would be from April 24 to 30. The exhibition of the same once validated would be on May 10, 11, 12, before those hypothetical elections are held. Likewise, this assembly also served to modify an article of the Statutes that established that the board of directors should be made up of nine members. The partners approved by an absolute majority that there be a minimum of seven people and a maximum of 21 to be more flexible and to be able to cover more areas.


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