The end for the employees of the marketing chains? A new development in Japan is already on the way

Many stores report a severe lack of manpower which causes them to decline in company sales and as a result to many losses, now it is possible that a problem has been found for the severe crisis. The Japanese high-tech company – Telexistence, which develops robots, announced that it has succeeded in producing robots that are able to replace the workers in supermarkets. According to reports, large marketing chains in the United States have already expressed interest in the product and it appears that a mass purchase is on the way.

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In fact, in a number of marketing chains in Japan, the robots have already come into operation. Last night (Tuesday) it was announced that one of the largest supermarket chains in Japan – “FamilyMart”, which owns more than 16,000 stores throughout the Asian country, has already signed a cooperation agreement with the company.

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According to the publications of the manufacturing company, the “new workers” are able to deal with high pressure effectively, all this of course without the need for a break. In addition, the robots are trained to handle repetitive movements, but “in rare cases” when they miscalculate or an item falls, Telexistence employees can control the robot using virtual reality glasses, the company said.


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