The end of paper receipts postponed again?

The end of paper receipts postponed again?

Flagship measure of the “anti-waste” law, the abolition of automatic ticket printing could again be postponed due to inflation.

By Jeanne Le Borgne for Le Point

Faced with inflation, many French people scrutinize their receipt.
Faced with inflation, many French people scrutinize their receipts.
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Cit must have been 1is January 2023, then 1is April and finally, the measure could be postponed again. According Midi-Free, the Ministry of Economy and Finance would consider postponing the end of the automatic printing of receipts, due to inflation. Indeed, “the receipt remains for many French people an important element for checking the prices of products purchased, in the face of inflation”, remind our colleagues. Also, a meeting should be held in Bercy this Monday, March 27 to discuss a possible postponement of the application of this measure.

The abolition of the automatic printing of receipts is provided for in the law “anti-waste for a circular economy” (Agec) of February 10, 2020. The objective is twofold, recalls the text of the law: “fight against substances present in receipts”, starting with endocrine disruptors and “remedy the significant waste that these receipts represent”. And for good reason, 30 billion receipts are printed each year. The date of application of this law, scheduled for 1is January, had however been postponed at the end of last year, already due to inflation.

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