The entrepreneurs who thwarted cyber attacks on the Prime Minister’s office reveal their new startup

Photo: Rezonators

It’s not a common sight in recent months, but 10 months after its founding, the Israeli startup company Rezonate comes out of stealth, and announces a fundraising round of 8.7 million dollars.

Resonite develops a cloud identity protection platform (or CIPP) that enables the prevention of attacks on corporate cloud environments, and the protection of identities and access of machines and users to company assets and processes. All of this happens in real time, and according to the company, also without harming the organization’s keys in the various environments. The system is able to show security teams the possible attack paths, so they can prioritize the most critical issues. According to the company, this is the first solution that enables real-time cloud security, even if you are under attack.

In a conversation with Geektime, Roi Ackerman, co-founder and CEO of Resonate, explains that the company’s product connects to the client’s cloud environment and within a few minutes maps it, allowing teams to see the structure and dynamics of the cloud environments, to see the access and activity capabilities in the environment. “Above the layer This, the company identifies dangerous behaviors and security gaps that could be used as a loophole for attackers, and allows them to be corrected in real time, along with detecting actual attacks and neutralizing them.” According to him, this is a completely new approach: “A number of competitors who protect cloud identities or access to applications SaaS Making separate parts of our complete solution. So our great advantage is in a complete and closed solution that covers the entire potential attack space in real time. As far as we have examined the market, this is a solution that no other competing company provides today.”

Ackerman was formerly the head of the operational unit for countering espionage and cyber terrorism in the Prime Minister’s Office, and is a friend of Uri Amiga, who previously managed and led the R&D team of the cyber unit in the Prime Minister’s Office and the Israeli Cyber ​​Headquarters. The two founded Resonate in 2022, which operates branches in Tel Aviv and Boston and employs 17 employees, some of whom are talents the two have worked with over the years. Today (Tuesday) the company announces, as mentioned, an exit from Stealth with the 8.7 million dollars it raised from State Of Mind Ventures, with the participation of Flybridge and toDay (of Merlin Ventures). In addition, the company has several additional strategic investors which it does not disclose at this stage.


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