the European Championships of Luis Enrique’s team begin with the whistles-

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The European Championship of Spain starts between the whistles, blocked on a draw by a Sweden without its leaders Ibrahimovic and Kulusevski but still capable of snatching a result that is as precious as it is deserved. The first 0-0 of the tournament confirms a feeling: the revolution of Luis Enrique, in his first major commitment as a coach, will not be easy. Already the choice not to call any Real Madrid player to leave by Sergio Ramos it had generated a lot of perplexity, plus the poor vaccine management and the inexperience of a large part of the team did not help. Now this disappointing start that complicates everything: already Saturday with Poland banned to fail, even if Lewandowski and his people have the same need. I wonder if Morata will still be on the pitch, disastrous yesterday and undermined by an audience who can’t stand him. Waiting to play his fourth season with Juventus, as he hinted in a recent interview, Alvaro continues to experience a bad moment, as has happened to him too many times in his career.

Il Corriere has created a special on the European 2021 with matches, teams, protagonists and results in real time: you can find it here

It was played in the anonymous Cartuja stadium. Built in 1999 for the World Athletics Championships, it is probably the ugliest in the whole of Europe: metal, concrete, stands one kilometer from the pitch, so much so that it feels like being in Italy. No need for binoculars for the 16 thousand present to understand immediately what game it will be: there The Spaniards always have the ball, for whom the tiki-taka is not a fashion outdated but an indisputable dogma.

Luis Enrique continues on his way, the green revolution continues: in surprise he comes sensationally expert De Gea rejected in favor of the young Unai Simn of Athletic Bilbao, the latest descendant of the legendary tradition of Basque goalkeepers, while captain Busquets is missing in midfield due to Covid but the stella of the 18enne Pedri del Bara shines, albeit intermittently.

After the first half hour the ball possession count says 90 percent Roja. ex Romanista goalkeeper Olsen a couple of times, but the best opportunity happens to Morata, who does not take advantage of a Danielson hole and only in front of the goalkeeper puts incredibly wide. Clamorous mistake, already whistles. The only time the Swedes go up, they almost score: the right hand of the unleashed Isak is deflected by Llorente on the pole. Curiously crouched for most of the game on a cooler in front of the bench, Luis Enrique ponders a plan. Which for it does not find. Indeed still Sweden which is close to scoring, this time with Berg, who lifts the ball from two steps. The entry of Moreno lights up the Cartuja, Spain throws themselves forward, but even 6 minutes of injury time are not enough to change the fate. La Roja still does not exist.

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