The European Parliament condemns the anti-Lgbtq law of Orbán-

still clash between the EU and Hungary. Yesterday the European Parliament voted by a large majority a resolution that condemns with the utmost firmness the Budapest anti-LGBTQ law which has now come into force and denounces the dismantling of democracy and the rule of law in Hungary. Premier Viktor Orbn replied that he has no intention of repealing the law and that he will not give in to pressure from Brussels: The European Parliament and the Commission want us to let LGBTQ activists and organizations into kindergartens and schools. Hungary does not want him, he wrote on his official Facebook page.

Next year there will be a vote in Hungary and Orbn has already started the electoral campaign. Amnesty International and Httr Society in protest flew a huge rainbow-colored balloon in the shape of a heart over the Hungarian Parliament. The resolution was adopted with 459 votes in favor, 147 against and 58 abstentions. Italian MEPs split, with Lega and Fratelli d’Italia voting against while Forza Italia split abstained (the majority), one against and some in favor. In favor of Pd and M5S. The document asks the Commission for an accelerated infringement procedure against Hungary and to apply the new mechanism that provides for the cutting of funds when the EU budget is endangered by national legislation that clashes with common values ​​(the new regulation not applicable to the anti-Lgbtq law). It also expresses concern about the Hungarian Recovery plan.

Parliament stresses that the law prohibiting the dissemination to minors of contents or representations in which homosexuality is spoken not an isolated case, but rather constitutes a further intentional and premeditated example of the gradual dismantling of fundamental rights in Hungary and points out that hostility towards LGBTQ people and organized state-sponsored disinformation campaigns have become tools of political censorship by the Hungarian government. Examples include the amendment to the Constitution to declare that the mother is a woman and the father is a man, and the de facto ban on legal gender recognition for transgender and intersex people. The text then recalls that the EU has been proclaimed a zone of freedom for LGBTQ people, to distance itself from the LGBTQ-free zones established in Poland starting from 2019. MEPs also call on Member States to take action, which according to the treaties can individually appeal to the EU Court of Justice if they believe that a country has failed to fulfill one of its obligations.

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