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“My dear husband, we have been together for eight years and I feel like we have only just started dating,” Eden Ben Zaken opened the post she posted today (Thursday) in honor of her husband Shuki Bitton’s birthday.

“What fun I have that I can go home and have you. You are my balance, you are my peace, you are my health and in short you are half mine. Without you I am half man. I love you and I wish you to be healthy and happy and that all life will be happy. Happy birthday my husband Mine, “she signed the post in love.

Excited Bitton replied, “I love you my dear wife in the world,” and was joined by many other surfers with warm wishes.

“My loved ones,” wrote Natan Goshen and Yael Shelby added a line of emojis in love. “How I envy my market, I want to be your wife too,” a surfer joked, and others added “perfect couple,” “addicted to you” and “the most beautiful family in the world.”

Ben Zaken and Bitton were married in 2018. In May 2020 they gave birth to their eldest son Michelle. Mazel Tov!

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