The exclusive Jaguar Classic that paraded for the first time for the Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II

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Jaguar Classic unveiled a very special Jaguar E-Type at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee parade on 5 June 2022. Its exclusive restoration included a wide range of upgrades carried out by Classic Works technical and paint experts. Metallic blue exterior inspired by the British flag.

This unique E-Type entered the Queen’s Jubilee Parade alongside fourteen other iconic Jaguar vehicles, including several historically significant Jaguar E-Types, an eTROPHY Championship I-PACE all-electric racer and seven convertibles of Jaguar where famous ladies of the British Empire traveled. The client, delighted to participate in the parade, had as his co-pilot the American dancer, model and fashion designer Eric Underwood.

Jaguar Classic handcrafts its E-Type vehicles from Series 1 models restored to their original specifications. This example goes even further, showcasing the full range of bespoke elements available at Coventry’s state-of-the-art facility.

This exclusive E-Type was commissioned by a customer who requested several special requirements. He wanted a Roadster built the year he was born and a number of custom trims. The Jaguar Classic team went to work and located a Series 1 E-Type that had been built just two days before the customer’s date of birth.

Over the next 12 months, the car was completely transformed. The team started with the bodywork. Its intense metallic blue color is inspired by the British flag and is a unique combination, as it was obtained in the paint shop after several consultations and different tests over several months to achieve the perfect shade.

The bespoke interior design is highlighted by striking leather upholstery in a shade of red that evokes the color of iconic British post boxes and was hand-profiled using traditional methods in the Jaguar Classic Works refinishing shop.

Stephen Hollis, Lead Engineer for Jaguar Classic’s Bespoke Division, said: “It’s very gratifying to be able to build precisely the E-Type that a customer dreams of. The result is a totally unique model that boasts the full range of features offered by the Jaguar Classic team. The color palette is inspired by the British flag, so I can think of no better time to make its first public appearance than the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee parade. I am very excited to see him parade through The Mall ».

After finishing the bodywork and paint, the engineering team went on to repair the mechanical elements and include different improvements. The original 4.2 straight-six engine was replaced with a larger 4.7 engine that offered more performance. It has been optimized for on-road driving and is combined with a five-speed gearbox specially developed by Jaguar Classic to deliver a smoother, quieter and more refined driving experience.

The suspension has been upgraded to ensure the chassis takes advantage of the performance offered by the engine, while wider tire tires and reinforced brakes increase grip and confidence. The sport-style exhaust manifold ensures that the E-Type’s sound lives up to its dynamic character.

It packs the latest technologies, like 21st century connectivity offered by the Classic infotainment system, with touchscreen controls, satellite navigation and Bluetooth in a device that looks vintage, so it blends in with the rest of the vehicle. Its powerful exterior LED lights offer lighting that meets modern standards to increase driving confidence at night.

The vehicle is completed with a number of unique custom details such as the dashboard and license plate. In addition, this exclusive blue E-Type incorporates elements inspired by the limited E-Type 60 collection.

The new owner stated: “I wanted a classic E-Type that I could use every day and be comfortable on long journeys, but without losing the essence of the original. The result left me speechless. Walking into the Jaguar Classic Works premises it becomes clear that they exude history and knowledge. Even after several visits, I was still moved every time I was in the building. I am very proud of the car the team has created and I feel privileged to be part of its history.”

Although almost the entire project was custom built, some elements are available to any owner of an E-Type vehicle. For example, the five-speed gearbox that was specially developed by the Jaguar Classic team and the Classic infotainment system. The five-speed gearbox was initially introduced in the E-Type 60 collection and can be purchased from the dedicated Jaguar Classic parts department. As well as adding to the E-Type’s functionality and convenience, it requires no cutting into the vehicle to fit it, so it doesn’t compromise its integrity.

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