The exercise simulating a cyber attack was conducted by the IDF and the US Cyber ​​Command

A simulation exercise that simulates combat scenarios in the cyber dimension in order to improve the readiness of the IDF and the US Cyber ​​Command for the growing cyber threats, with an emphasis on the Middle East. It ended yesterday, an IDF spokesperson said today (Friday). In the exercise, elements of intelligence were integrated in cooperation with the Intelligence Division of the IDF, which enabled the integration of cyber and intelligence personnel. The exercise was conducted in continuation of the close cooperation of the Cyber ​​Defense Division with the US Cyber ​​Command and expresses the growing partnership between the United States Army and the IDF in the cyber dimension, which has come to me Manifestation in joint and intensive operational action in the various arenas. The exercise was held for the first time at the Georgia Cyber ​​Center, located in Augusta, Georgia, in the USA, and is being held for the seventh time. The head of the IT and Cyber ​​Defense Division, Major General Eran Niv, and the head of the Cyber ​​Defense Division, Brigadier General R., visited the exercise and were impressed by the partnership The depth and the advanced learning processes that they presented in the exercise.

Photo: IDF spokesman
Photo: IDF spokesman
Photo: IDF spokesman

Major General Eran Niv concluded: “Cyber ​​is a dimension of combat that has been developing at a significant pace in recent years. Cyber ​​warfare is continuously taking place around the world, and has a diverse potential for influence in various circles. The joint exercise expresses the unprecedented partnership and deep cooperation between the IDF and the US Cyber ​​Command in this dimension The cyber, which is reflected in joint and day-to-day operational activities in various arenas and in various dimensions of combat.” Lt. Col. R.: “The exercise, which is not the first or the last, practically reflects the challenges of the cyber dimension, which changes from year to year and presents us with strategic challenges. The exercise, as usual, demonstrates a boundary-breaking partnership between the organizations and the power of cooperation.” Chief of Army Cyber, Major General (***) Maria B. Barrett said: “I am proud of the wonderful work and cooperation of the American cyber teams and our partner from Israel that were done together As part of the 7th “Cyber ​​Doom” exercise. The United States and Israel are old friends and partners from the beginning. In 1982, the same year that writer William Gibson coined the phrase “virtual space”, Israel and the United States signed the General Information Security Agreement. Israel and America have been strong cyber partners ever since. The 7th Cyber ​​Dome joint defense exercise further strengthens this partnership with the United States Cyber ​​Command (USCYBERCOM), the Joint Force Headquarters (JFHQ-C (A)), and the Israel Cyber ​​Defense Division (JCDD). This exercise aligns with our philosophy of Persistent Cyber ​​Training Environment (PCTE) and will help Israel and America work more closely together to repel future cyber threats.”


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