“The expansion of Barcelona Airport does not respond to the climate emergency”

“The expansion of Barcelona Airport does not respond to the climate emergency”

We have hundreds of thousands of people experiencing a very complicated situation every day and it affects the competitiveness of our country. We are in a very precarious situation and it is a burden for our companies.

What is there to do? Complete the transfer, perfect it?

The best way to manage it is through a comprehensive railway system in Catalonia and that means that all the trains in Catalonia, Rodalies, Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat, trams such as the one in Tarragona are organized under the same umbrella. We must be able to have the management of trains and tracks, everything, and everywhere.

With a single operator?

One thing is who operates and another who manages the infrastructure. There are no absolute truths or a priori.

“The day after the integral railway system of Catalonia is launched, the infrastructures will have an inheritance that will not go away just with a change of logo”

The Ministry of Transport claims that the program contract with Renfe be signed.

What we cannot do is make excuses that block progress. We have to work, which is why we are here, to achieve a benefit for the people. We know that the day after the integral railway system of Catalonia is launched, the infrastructures will have an inheritance that will not go away just with a change of logo.

Are you a Rodalies or FGC user?

I have used the train at other times in my life, not now.

Another of the great subjects of his Conselleria is the extension of the airport. A year ago the proposal was rejected but there are economic and social sectors that demand that the.

In Catalonia there is a political and social consensus on the intercontinental nature of Barcelona airport. There is another very broad, bestial and supervening, from not many years ago, which is that we have to act for the climate crisis. Another consensus is that the few natural spaces we have, especially in the metropolitan area, must be cared for, preserved, maintained and promoted. The interventions we make cannot be a free bar for growth in emissions: we are in a climate emergency.


The proposal that there is right now about the airport does not respond to any of these consensuses, unfortunately. Therefore, any infrastructure, both that of El Prat and the rest, must respond to these needs because otherwise they are not a real solution. Also, if you are misconceived, you can come to think that there is no will to do so.

“There is consensus that few natural spaces that we have, especially in the metropolitan area, must be cared for, preserved, maintained and promoted. The interventions we make cannot be a free bar for growth in emissions”

Did you see haste or bad faith when presenting it?

I prefer not to qualify Aena’s proposal. That it appears suddenly, overnight, in a very short period of time, without having previously worked on it, is not a real solution.

Local and Mid-Distance will be free throughout 2023. What do you think?

The main problem posed by gratuity is the deficit that it ends up generating for another. I can say that it is free but if that causes a deficit of 180 million euros, whoever makes the decision must be co-responsible and I hope so.

Minister Sánchez has said that they do not plan to contribute more to the ATM.

We will continue to claim it, we will not give up.

transport it has only executed 16% of the budget in the first semester.

Passing a budget binds you politically and you should be able to execute it. But if you don’t do it year after year, you might think that you don’t want to do it, that’s why the third additional provision was created.

“Nobody wants the Fourth Belt project and anyway I haven’t seen any written agreement, it doesn’t exist, nobody has shown it to me. What I can appreciate is that, like at the airport, there is a lack of consensus”

Los contractors fear that with the changes in the Government certain projects are stopped or revised.

My will is that everything that responds to the great consensus and that are real solutions do not stop and go as fast as possible.

He has been mayor of Sabadell and is well aware of the B-40 or Fourth Beltway project. The Ministry assures that it only remains to sign with the Generalitat, that there is an agreement.

Nobody wants this project. In any case, I have not seen any written agreement, it does not exist, nobody has shown it to me. What I can assess is that, as in the airport, there is a lack of consensus. The B-40 does end at the C-58 in Terrassa and, from there, you have to see how to get to Sabadell. I’ll sit down with Transport to explain it to him.

The Conselleria de Territori once again has housing competencies, with occupations on the rise. Is there a lack of supply?

A lot was built from the public sphere but in a wrong regime, of sale, which caused it to end up in private hands. We have learned and the new is and will be for rent. We used to have public land and now we don’t have it. It’s not an excuse. We have 35,000 empty flats and we must use all the legislative instruments to put them on the market.

“I will agree with the opposition, my job is to agree with those who do not think the same, I have always done it. And people never reward those who are angry”

What else?

The containment of rental prices or social rentals should also help us to reverse the situation, with the objective that 15% of the housing stock is public.

In the field of urban planning there are projects such as the Urban Master Plan for the Vila-seca and Salou CRT, which should allow the installation of Hard Rock.

It responds to the needs that existed and generates consensus in Tarragona.

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Are you worried that there are only 33 deputies in Parliament?

I will agree with the opposition, my job is to agree with those who do not think the same, I have always done so. And people never reward those who are angry, those who are irresponsible.


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