The expert warned of the risk of explosion of a smartphone in the cold

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At air temperatures below zero, the battery suffers first of all, which can explode from unsuitable weather conditions, warned Alexander Malyarevsky, a columnist for Computer Reseller News magazine.

According to him, the battery of the gadget is the most vulnerable part of the phone after the display.

“Do not overcool the battery. It’s a tricky chemistry. If the battery does not explode when it goes beyond the operating temperature range, then, quite possibly, its effective capacity will noticeably decrease, ”he explained to Sputnik radio.

As Malyarevsky added, it is better to transfer a smartphone from an external pocket to an internal one at a negative temperature. At the same time, more active attempts to warm the phone can ruin it.

“If you leave your smartphone next to a heating device, then it may well heat up to 60 degrees. When you go out of the temperature range upwards, the battery can … leak and kill all the electronics of the smartphone,” the expert summed up.


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