The explanation behind the viral photo of the Twitter employee sleeping in the office after the Elon Musk revolution

The explanation behind the viral photo of the Twitter employee sleeping in the office after the Elon Musk revolution

The arrival of Elon Musk on Twitter has turned the social network upside down and has caused a major crisis in the company by firing a large part of the employees.

There are hard days ahead of email layoff notices, and those lucky enough to keep their jobs will have to work against the clock to implement all the measures that the new owner of Twitter has put on the table.

In the midst of all the commotion generated, which has captured much of the media attention in recent days, an image has gone viral in which an employee of the bird’s social network appears sleeping on the premises.

Twitter’s current situation quickly led to thousands of users to throw their hands to their heads because of the extreme nature of the situation, understanding that Musk’s arrival meant such a demand that his employees were forced to even spend the night in the office.

The protagonist of the photo offers her version

However, the protagonist of the photograph herself has told why she was with her sleeping bag in the Twitter facilities. An answer that may or may not be convincing because, after all, anyone can continue to question the fact of being forced to sleep at work, but Esther Crawfordthe woman in the viral image, wanted to explain in the first person.

The image was posted by another person, but Crawford retweeted it and detailed the context: “When your team works against the clock to meet deadlines, sometimes you sleep on the job,” he wrote first, in a justification that, in Actually, it ended up shocking people even more.

“Since many are losing their minds, I explain myself,” Crawford continued, Product Manager at Twitter and former CEO of Squada video social network acquired by the microblogging company itself in 2020.

“Doing hard work requires sacrifice (time, energy…). I have companions all over the world that they are striving to create something new so it is important for me to be there for them and keep the team active, “he continued.

“I work with very talented and ambitious people at Twitter and we are not going through a normal stage in the company. We are less than a week away from completing a massive transition at a business and cultural level and we are all giving everything in the different areas of the company: product, design, engineering, legal, finance, marketing…”, justified Crawford, who expressed solidarity in another subsequent tweet with “all the tweeters of the world”.

Finally, the product manager thanked her family -it is mother of three childrenas she tells in her Twitter biography- that she understands that, in times as extreme as the one that Elon’s new company is going through now, she needs to make these kinds of sacrifices.

Her husband has even responded to his wife’s thread. showing your support and proud that their three children in common have their mother as a model of sacrifice when something matters as much to you as her work on Twitter does.


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