From every angle, the action, the gesture and the conclusion are magnificent to behold. Wednesday night, Ja Morant got the crowd going after a fabulous dunk during Memphis’ success against Minnesota (111-109). His masterful gesture made the rounds of social networks last night in the United States and this Wednesday morning in Europe. On the field side, the Grizzlies now lead 3-2 in the play-offs against the Timberwolves and they owe it to their 22-year-old phenomenon. Freshly elected player who has made the most progress this season, the “Spider-Man” justified this status: on his own, he reversed a badly embarked situation, because his team was trailing by 12 units at the start of the last quarter. -weather.

One second from the buzzer, after a trampoline jump, he managed a left-handed curling movement for the winning basket. During the “mega-money-time”, or the last two minutes of the game, he scored all 11 points for the Grizzlies, to end the quarter with 18 and finish the game with 30 in total, bordering on triple- double (13 rebounds, 9 assists, 3 interceptions). A recital.

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