The failure in the Red Bull that unleashes the alarms and gives hope to Fernando Alonso in F1

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Fernando Alonso smiled when asked if he Australia the famous 33rd victory could come. “If the two Red Bulls collide,” said the Asturian driver who can barely maintain caution against the skyrocketing expectations that his two previous podiums in F1 have generated. Aston Martin and Fernando AlonsoThus, they will seek to repeat their success for the third consecutive round at the Australian Grand Prix, which is held at the Albert Park Circuit, where those from Silverstone will continue to gauge the potential of their green car to reduce the gap with a much superior Red Bull thatHowever, they are immersed in an internal ‘war’ between their two drivers, while Ferrari and Mercedes will insist on improving to get hooked on the fight at the top.

Although they arrived in Jeddah with many more doubts than at the World Cup premiere in Bahrain, Aston Martin he dissipated them from the first lap to the fastest urban track on the calendar. After a debut as successful as it was unexpected, the Asturian pilot repeated third place in Saudi Arabia, not without suspense. The two-time world champion was initially penalized for five seconds for not being within the limits of his second position on the starting grid. The penalty, for which he had to wait five minutes at his pit stop without any mechanic touching the car, came immediately, after Alonso overtook ‘Checo’ Pérez (Red Bull) thanks to a good and efficient start. However, the cat of the operator of the green cars grazed the car before the time limit, so, as it already happened to Esteban Ocon (Alpine) in the previous GP, the penalty increased to 10 seconds. Although the decision came after the race was over, even after the Asturian got on the podium. His team appealed, and the trophy, which was already enjoyed by George Russell (Mercedes) who was fourth, returned to the hands of Alonso, who is already third in the World Cup with 30 points. “It was a nice surprise, so we came to Australia with a good level of confidence,” said Alonso, who won 2006 with Renault in Melbourne.

Red Bull’s reliability problem, which Fernando Alonso does not have

Aston Martin is, like the rest, at a disadvantage with the Red Bulls, but Auto Motor Sport has published that the Red Bull team does not have everything with it for Melbourne:Concerns about reliability are also written on the face of the equipment. before Melbourne. No one at Red Bull can guarantee that the cars will last long enough. If they do, there’s a lot to be said for a third straight double. Red Bull has never achieved it in its history, and it would be something special in the 350th race in the team’s history, “says the publication. They do not trust some of the pieces. “The weak point is in quality control or on supplier parts. You have to know that the parts for the cars for the start of the season were approved, built and shipped on the road months ago,” he says.

And there is born the hope of Fernando Alonso

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