The failure that allowed the Iranians to penetrate the cameras in Jerusalem

The access code to the security cameras into which the Iranian hackers broke into and published the documentation of the attack in Jerusalem, was of a low degree of difficulty. This was published for the first time today (Thursday) in the evening news at Khan 11. According to the publication, only hours after the attack, the security body “remembered” that they have a camera at the intersection in front of the bus station where the luggage was placed.

The security agency is investigating the hack and admitting that “it was a malfunction”. The raw material of the camera is in the hands of the investigating bodies in Israel. According to the assessment, the moment of placing the load was also recorded on camera. Therefore, the hack is mainly a “conscious achievement” that caused embarrassment, but not security damage.

The documentation of the attack published by the Iranians

The Telegram of the “Meta Moshe” hacker group, which broke into the security cameras at the entrance to the city, reads: “For a long time, we have control over all your activities. Step by step and moment by moment. This is only the end of our control over your activities, through access to security cameras We said in the past that we will be hurt in a place and at a time when you don’t think.”

The hackers claim that not only did they break into the systems and obtain the cameras, but that they formatted the hard drives of the systems – so that the footage can seemingly not be accessed. In the past, the group took responsibility for activating alarm horns in Eilat and Jerusalem and leaking photos of Defense Minister Benny Gantz to the network.


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