The fan zone on Konyushennaya Square is organized by the St. Petersburg corporation PMI

A fan zone for fans of the Confederations Cup will open on Konyushennaya Square, said Pavel Belov, Chairman of the Committee for Physical Culture and Sports of St. Petersburg. In other cities where the Cup is held, there will be no fan zone, this is an initiative of St. Petersburg, he noted. According to him, the contractor of the project, Planet Plus, is negotiating with the official sponsors and partners of FIFA to present their products in the fan zone. The possibility of organizing a mini-football match among the fans is being considered, he added.

A tender in the form of a purchase from a single supplier for the development of the project and the device at 2 Konyushennaya Square, a fan zone for viewing the Confederations Cup, was announced on April 21. On the same day, the committee signed an agreement with ZAO Planeta Plus worth 79.7 million rubles, according to the state procurement website. The contract price was formed on the basis of a letter from Planeta Plus CJSC dated April 18, the documents say. The purpose of the purchase is to test the performance of the territory and infrastructure as close as possible to the 2018 FIFA Fan Fest, the website says. Under the terms of the contract, the contractor must develop and agree on design estimates by May 19, dismantle all equipment by July 11.

“The program of the project is being discussed, we will present it in the near future,” says Evgeny Finkelstein, President of the PMI Corporation (the head structure of ZAO Planeta Plus). According to him, the company plans to organize a live broadcast of the Cup at Konyushennaya, souvenir shops, a football museum, and children’s entertainment. “Every day we will hold concerts, visits by football players and other events, we expect that this will be a zone not only for fans, but also for ordinary citizens, including those with children,” says Finkelstein.

According to the terms of reference, the stage must be at least 22.3 m wide, at least 15.3 m high, and the screen size for broadcasting matches must be at least 84 square meters. M employees.

More than half of the fan zone budget will be spent on security and security measures, Finkelstein noted. According to him, the company does not count on profit from the fan zone at the Confederations Cup. The project has a very small budget and a very large cost part; this is more of an image project for the company, he explains. “If all goes well, we hope that next year we will participate in the creation of a fan zone for the World Cup, there is a different scale and different budgets,” added Finkelstein.

For the first time, the fan zone on Konyushennaya Square appeared in May 2016 during the World Ice Hockey Championship, then its organization cost 50 million rubles. “Konyushennaya Square is an agreed territory, and it has proven itself very well, it really turned out to be a great holiday for the fans,” Belov explained.



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