The father and uncle of the terrorist who murdered Ron Kukiya were detained for questioning

Riots in courtThe terrorist’s father and uncle, Odeh Abu Judeh, who murdered the late Ron Kukiya, were detained today (Wednesday) for questioning at the Be’er Sheva police station. This, on suspicion of making threats against Ron’s father during the court hearing.

During the hearing, a confrontation broke out between the parties, when suddenly members of the terrorist’s family burst into Kukia’s father and shouted: “You are a hunter, you are murderers, clean your hands.”

Representatives of the “If You Will” movement, who accompanied the family of the late Kukia, replied to the terrorist’s father: “Shame on you. Who are you to talk like that? Get out of here, support terrorists. Go to Gaza, brat. The father of the murderer who murdered Ron Kukia, who married a Palestinian in Hebron, the name will be his blood, he with the help of the name will go to jail for withholding praise. Who are you anyway?


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