The father who became the child’s life-saving scientist.

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The father, who did not even go to college to set up a laboratory at home and become a scientist, has been surprisingly prepared and given medicine to his child by his own, as the medicine needed to treat his two-year-old child, who is suffering from a rare disease, is not available locally.

The spread of the corona virus has paralyzed the nations of the world for the past two years, causing various countries to close their borders, isolate and protect their people. We are hearing that the curfew precautionary measures taken due to the virus have had a major impact on the personal lives of many. In that sense a father from China, who has set up his own laboratory and made himself a scientist because there is no medicine available for his child who is fighting for his life with the borders closed in his country, has made everyone look back on the astonishing event.

Xu Wei, from China’s Kumming Province, has been involved in small – scale online trading since he did not even go to school. Her two-year-old son, Hyoyang, suffers from a rare and rare genetic disorder called Menx.

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The baby’s body is unable to make the movement necessary for brain and nervous system development. According to the Department of Medicine, only one in a million babies will be born with such a rare genetic disorder, and no cure has been found for the disease, with a maximum of one child surviving more than three years.

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At the same time it has been revealed that the symptoms of Menx disease can be cured by an ingredient called copper histidine. But this drug is not available in China, and it has been impossible to leave China and buy medicine due to the corona freeze.

Any father in this situation would have been devastated, but Xu Wei learned on the Internet about Menkes disease to save his child’s life. Suu Kyi, who knows that a chemical called copper histidine can control the disease, has decided to set up a chemistry lab at her home to make the drug at home.

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Creating this highly challenging ingredient is by no means easy. So his relatives and friends have protested that Xu Wei’s decision is impractical. But Xu Wei, who does not want to waste time wondering if he can do it himself, has decided to do it himself.

Xu Wei, who has set up a laboratory in his home, has come up with a chemistry, including chloride dihydrate, histidine, and sodium hydroxide, which he uses to make the drug, which he learns from the Internet and makes copper histidine. Suu Kyi has given the drug to her two-year-old son, who first tested the drug on a rabbit and then on himself before injecting the child with the drug.

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Xu Wei is delighted to learn that the body of the sick child has improved in a few weeks, having been given this medicine daily. Today he is giving his child only the medicine he has developed. Many have praised Sue Wei, who has become a scientist in order to save his son’s life by doing something unimaginable without losing heart.

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