The FCF Assembly gives the green light to create the Super League

The Ordinary General Assembly of the Catalan Football Federation (FCF) which took place yesterday in the Sports City of Blanes, with more than 200 members, approved the creation of a Super League between Tercera RFEF and Primera Catalana, in addition to address other aspects that influence Catalan football such as the implementation of training football by year of birth, that players can participate in any male category in Catalonia or the application of measures for the protection of small clubs.

Thus, in the first Assembly after the re-election of Joan Soteras as president of the FCF in last month’s elections, the creation of the Superliga was given the green light. This is a new category of Catalan amateur football that will start from the 2023-24 season and will be between the Tercera RFEF and the current Primera Catalana with a single group of 16 teams. The participants will leave the promotions of the second to the fifth classified of each one of the three groups of First Catalan when it finishes the course 2022-23; of the winner of the eliminatory one to raise that they will dispute the two sixth classified ones with better coefficient of First Catalan; and of the descents of Third RFEF.

The FCF aims that with the Superliga teams can have greater preparation for promotion to the Third RFEF and reduce the gap to reach statewide competition.

At the same time, they voted in favor of one of the changes that training football will experience in Catalonia. The Assembly approved the implementation of training football by year of birth from the 2023-24 season with the subdivision of the categories prebenjamin, benjamin and juvenile, from sub7 to sub12. It will be applied progressively until it reaches youth (2026-27).

In addition, women’s football will become universal in Catalonia from the 2022-23 season and both football and futsal players will have the option of participating in any men’s category in the territorial area, whether amateur the base. As of this Friday, any female footballer will be able to process her federal license on a men’s team and there will no longer be a cap for mixed football – until now she was set at cadet age. On the other hand, the regulations were modified to curb the flight of teams and grassroots players.


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