The female police inspector who stripped the woman naked and made her dance at the police station

A woman who was brought to the police station for questioning was intimidated by a female police inspector, stripped naked and danced naked in front of onlookers.

It is commonly said that women are not safe in police stations, but the incident of a woman being brought to the police station, stripped naked by a female police inspector, danced in front of onlookers and tortured is doubly shocking.

The monthly event took place in Quetta, located in the southwestern part of Pakistan’s Balochistan province. A female police officer led by Inspector Shabana Irshad has been brought to the police station to investigate the murder of a child in a residential complex in the Jinnah Town police station complex in Quetta.

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At one point in the name of investigation, Inspector Shabana Irshad and the police intimidate the woman by stripping her naked and making her sing a song and have her dance naked in the presence of those present. And they have videotaped the whole incident.

The matter was reported to Deputy IG Mohammad Azhar. He then appointed Deputy Superintendent of Police Bar Gul Darin as a special officer and ordered an immediate inquiry into the complaint. During the interrogation of the special officer, female police inspector Shabana Irshad confirmed that the woman who was brought for interrogation was stripped naked and made to dance. It was further revealed that he had abused his power and engaged in heinous act and had tarnished the image of the police department.

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Police immediately fired female police inspector Shabana Irshad, forcing her to retire permanently. Also, police said that 5 female policemen, including Pushra Afzal, Huma Faisal, Usma Nasrin, Farah Khalil and Samina Mansour, have already been sacked in connection with the case of torturing a woman in a lock-up.

The victim female trial prisoner has been remanded in court custody. The fact that the female police officer who is supposed to provide security to women is involved in an heinous act regardless of whether she is a woman has caused an uproar in the police circle. It is noteworthy that the DIG said that such a human rights violation should not take place not only in the police station but also in the jail.

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