The female revolution begins with a small flash in the trailer for “The Power”

The female revolution begins with a small flash in the trailer for “The Power”

Amazon is launching the first trailer for the new series “The Power” (The Power), not to be confused with their Lord of the Rings series “Rings of Power”. Here we are talking about a completely different power – the ability to electrify, which is given to a group of young girls who will use it to change world orders.

The series is based on the book of the same name by Naomi Alderman. It takes place in our world, when a strange natural phenomenon causes one day without warning young girls to develop the power of electricity.

Suddenly, all over the world girls are starting to feel more confident. From London to Seattle, from Nigeria to Northern Europe, the power begins to seep in and give girls a chance to change the balance of power in the patriarchal world.

The trailer begins when Mayor Margo Lopez (Tony Collette, “Murder is well written”) reveals that girls have begun to grow a new organ in the body that produces electricity and this is a phenomenon that should be taken seriously. The new power is seen as a rapid evolution designed to increase women’s ability to survive in the dangerous male world.

Meanwhile, girls all over the world are experimenting with the new power and electrically manipulating small things like poles and switches and slightly bigger things like the lighting of the entire city. The new girls’ movement is gaining strength, and the government and military response is not long in coming.

From “The Force” (courtesy of Amazon Studios)

The series comes from screenwriter Rall Tucker (“Jessica Jones”, “True Blood”) and director Reed Moreno (“The Handmaid’s Tale”). Join the cast John Laguizamo (the “Menu”), Aoli’i Carvalho (“Moana”), Tohib Jimo (“Ted Lasso”), Nico killed (“Plowing the Night”), Alice Eve (“Star Trek: The Enemy Within”) fJosh Charles (“The Good Woman”).

The 10-episode first season will be uploaded to Amazon Prime Video starting March 31 and will be broadcast weekly.

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