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Memorandum of Understanding between Israel, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates signed in Dubai • Jordan will establish solar energy facilities and export it to Israel • At the same time, Israel will consider establishing a water desalination facility to be transferred to Jordan


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Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan today (Monday) signed a historic declaration of intent for regional cooperation in the fight against the climate crisis. As part of the agreement, the states have stated that they intend to build solar energy and water desalination facilities that will enable a joint response to the challenges of the climate crisis, and will enable security of energy and water supply to the region.

The signing ceremony was held in Dubai, in the presence of US Climate Change Envoy John Kerry. On behalf of Israel, the agreement was signed by the Minister of Energy, Karin Elharar, on behalf of the United Arab Emirates, signed by the Minister of Climate, Water and Food Security, Miriam Al-Mahiri, and on behalf of Jordan, the Minister of Water, Dr. Muhammad al-Najar.

The Ministry of Energy stated that the declaration includes the implementation of two international programs: the first includes the construction of photovoltaic facilities and the ability to store energy in Jordan – with the green energy produced in them being exported to Israel. The second plan is to examine the construction of a water desalination facility in Israel – when the water that will be desalinated there will be exported to Jordan. The details will be summarized and a concrete programming test for the execution of the projects will be carried out during the year 2022.

Karin Elharar, Archive (Photo: Flash 90, News)
Energy Minister Karin Elharar | Photo: Flash 90, News

The United Arab Emirates’ Foreign Minister and International Cooperation Sheikh Abdullah bin Ziad al-Nian commented on the plan: “The effects of the climate crisis on countries and communities in the Middle East can already be seen today. The State of Jordan is suffering from a severe water crisis that requires coordination of moves. The signed statement highlights how countries can work together to accelerate the energy transition and build a more sustainable future for all, while the UAE prepares to host COP28 in 2023. The UAE is pleased to take part in this event in which Israel and Jordan promote initiative to strengthen climate security and common interests. Both countries. This statement is another product of the Abrahamic Agreements that strengthen the peace, stability and prosperity of the countries of the region and the lives and futures of its residents. “

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Israel’s Energy Minister Karin Elharar welcomed the signing of the agreement: “All Eastern residents will benefit from the Memorandum of Understanding not only Jordan and Israel, it is a message to the whole world about how countries can work together to fight the climate crisis. I thank our partners from the Kingdom of Jordan, United States Israel and Jordan are two countries with different needs and capabilities that help each other face challenges in a greener, cleaner and more efficient way. Jordan abounds in open spaces and light “Sun will help promote the State of Israel’s transition to green energy and the achievement of the ambitious goals we have set, and Israel, which has excellent water desalination technology, will help deal with the water crisis in Jordan.”

Jordanian Water Minister Dr. Muhammad al-Najjar said: “The climate crisis and the increase in the number of refugees have exacerbated the water shortage facing the Kingdom of Jordan, but there are many opportunities for regional cooperation that will help increase stability in the field. “Desalination of water is an important component of the overall strategy for stabilizing the water economy in Jordan, and we are constantly exploring ways to increase supply.”

The US special envoy for climate change, John Kerry, also welcomed the agreement: “The Middle East is at the forefront of the climate crisis and only working together will allow the countries of the region to deal with the situation. Energetic and develop high resilience to the effects of the climate crisis.The United States is impressed by the courage and creative steps taken by the parties and make this memorandum possible, and looks forward to working with parties as well as other actors in the region and around the world. “.

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UAE Minister of Industry and Advanced Technologies Dr Sultan al-Jaber added: “Today’s achievement is a significant example of how advanced action to combat the climate crisis can not only strengthen resource security but also build bridges between people and strengthen regional stability. . The UAE is pleased to contribute to an initiative that will help Israel meet the green energy goals it has set for itself while improving Jordan’s access to clean drinking water. It is a unique climatic step that combines good policy, creative thinking and a true partnership spirit that will help achieve practical results far beyond the region. “Having pledged to host the COP28 International Climate Conference, the UAE is interested in showing how the region can stimulate a climate aspiration to empower developments on sustainability and prosperity. The signing of the letter of intent signed today demonstrates how this can be done.”

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