The fight for the territory

Dhe German-American relations are entering a new phase. What has been fades in the face of a new constellation that was barely thought possible until recently. Joe Louis versus Max Schmeling, D-Day, Marshall Plan and Airlift, I’m a Berliner, Elvis in Bad Nauheim, Siegfried and Roy in Las Vegas, NATO double decision, Tear down this wall, President of the Polter and what else a role in the transatlantic relationship may have played – history.

Now BMW and Harley-Davidson are putting German-American friendship to the test. No more peaceful coexistence, from now on it’s against each other. Both have decided to rob each other’s territory, and do it properly. In search of new customers, they leave their usual territories, target exactly where the heart of the other beats. Across the Atlantic: like you to me, like you to me.

BMW has recently started making cruisers, Harley-Davidson builds travel enduros, the motorcycle world is upside down. Harley attacks in the field of function, BMW in that of emotion, where the other has perfected it over decades. Both do this not timidly, but with hard determination, in order to avoid that their advance ends in embarrassment.

The first large-scale enduro from Harley-Davidson in 118 years of company history

Obviously, BMW is drawing lessons from an episode in the second half of the 1990s. An attempt to challenge the American cruiser empire seemed awkward at the time, probably half of Milwaukee choked on the hamburger, snorting, when BMW shyly showed up with a model called the R 1200 C. Nobody laughs anymore. And if someone chokes, then at most out of respect for the R 18 with its monumental boxer engine.



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