The finale of Atypical, The executioner with Cantona and Monsters & Co .: eight series for the weekend

July 9, 2021 – 10:32 am

Among the most anticipated titles are The Luminaries with the daughter of Bono Vox and the documentary about Elize Matsunaga, the Brazilian ex-prostitute who killed and dismembered her husband

of Giacomo Fasola

Sam a highly functioning autistic boy who at 18 decides it’s time to find a girlfriend. It starts like this Atypical, the Netflix series dedicated to the Gardner family: Sam, Elsa the apprehensive mom, Doug the “bear” dad and Casey the athlete sister. The series tells how the life of an autistic, his daily difficulties, the manias, the weird aspects of his character and the genius ones. But it also tells what it means to deal with autism by widening the gaze to the parents and the sister, who, episode after episode, gain space by becoming the co-stars of Atypical. Ideata by Robia Rashid (How I met Your Mother), the series one of the best examples along with Special of how can we tell about disability in a realistic and at the same time light way. The fourth and final season available from today on Netflix.

The protagonists of Atypical

July 9, 2021 | 10:32



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