The first appearance of the latest generation of the Porsche 911 GT3 R racing car.. Details

Porsche has officially taken the wraps off the latest generation of the new 911 GT3 R race car, which it has been developing since 2019. It will be fully visible to the public at this year’s 24 Hours of Spa. It will be ready to race at the start of the 2023 season. The car is based on the latest generation 992. Compared to its predecessor, the new 911 GT3R features a larger engine producing up to 416 kW (565 hp).

Virtually all body components are made of lightweight carbon, including the front and rear fascias, doors, side panels, rear spoiler and roof. Wheel arches are made of aramid fibres.

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At the heart of the new racing car is a semi-standard flat-six engine with four-valve technology and direct fuel injection. A major new development is displacement: Like the 911 RSR, the capacity of the new 911 GT3R has increased by 5 percent from 3,997 to 4,194 cc. This increased the maximum engine power to approximately 416 kW (565 hp). However, first and foremost, Porsche has improved the torque and power curve across the entire rev range. Thus, the new 4.2-liter V6 is even better now.

The high-speed six-cylinder runs without a turbocharger and sits in the classic rear position, enhancing traction and braking. However, it has been tilted forward by 5.5 degrees, creating more room for the lower diffuser.

The new 911 GT3R’s suspension system – many modified details – enhance drivability, allow for more precise steering, ensure less rear tire wear and reduce time spent on setting changes. For this purpose, many components and technical solutions were taken from the 911 RSR. At the front axle, an advanced double wishbone design controls the wheels. The rear axle features a multi-link design. KW shock absorbers have been further improved and now offer five tuning settings.

In addition to aluminum monobloc racing brake calipers, brake discs are now supplied on the new 911 GT3R by AP Specialist. In terms of safety, the new 911 GT3R takes an uncompromising approach. The seat is close to the center of the car. This enabled Porsche to optimally adapt the ergonomic seat position with the improved rolling cage and the newly developed FIA side-impact protection. As in the previous model, the steering wheel and pedals can be adjusted longitudinally to suit the driver.

The high-performance LED headlights in the 911 GT3R are based on the so-called collimation technology, which was developed by Porsche for the new 963 prototype at Le Mans. This device works like a magnifying glass, only in reverse. It lights up a particularly large area of ​​the racetrack and is a huge improvement over the outgoing model, which was previously seen as the class leader.

Porsche Motorsport now offers the new 911 GT3 R at €511,000 plus state value-added tax and optional extras

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