The first death of a child with a mysterious bacteria in Turkey

The first death of a child with a mysterious bacteria in Turkey

The death of a 3-year-old Turkish child sparked a lot of controversy in Turkey, after a conflict in the medical report of the hospital and the doctor who received treatment for him about his infection with Strep A, which is a bacterial infection that affects the throat and skin and often causes fever and sore throat. Has it spread to a number of countries in the world recently, to Turkey as well?

According to local Turkish media, the child is called Aras Sonmaz, and he died in the capital, Ankara, about two weeks ago, after he was infected with Strep A, according to what his father confirmed to the media, but the hospital to which he was transferred did not acknowledge this, as it was written in the medical report that “the case of death Natural and caused by the spread of an unidentified virus in the country,” although the doctor who received the young child’s treatment had revealed to his father that his son had already contracted a bacterial infection, which caused a lot of controversy in Turkey.

Commenting on the ongoing conflict about the causes of the child’s death, a prominent Turkish official in the medical sector indicated that “Strep A bacteria has recently re-spread in a number of countries of the world, as happened in Britain, after years of its absence, which has raised concern among many of those countries.” But it is different for Turkey.


Vedat Bulut, Secretary-General of the “Turkish Doctors’ Union” told “We do not know yet whether this bacteria has spread in Turkey or not, as the Ministry of Health has not made any statement on this matter, although a child of the age of 3 years ago, he died about two weeks ago from Strep A, and this means that the bacteria has already spread in our country.

He added, “The Ministry of Health has not taken any measures so far regarding this bacteria, but it is necessary for the ministry and the various medical and health service institutions to take steps to block the path to the spread of this bacteria, which is currently increasing in Europe,” pointing out that “the government’s steps The prospects that health institutions must take will contribute to saving the injured and controlling these bacteria in a quick time.”

The Turkish child, Sonmaz, who died about two weeks ago, was transferred at the beginning of his illness to a private hospital in the capital, Ankara, but he only stayed there for several hours after he was diagnosed with seasonal influenza, which required him to return to his home with his father and be satisfied with receiving Medicines only.

After that, the father of the child was forced to transfer his son to the hospital again after his health deteriorated, as he later died of a bacterial infection, but the hospital in which he received treatment has not yet recognized this.


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