The first hybrid photovoltaic power plant in France is born in Lot-et-Garonne

The first hybrid photovoltaic power plant in France is born in Lot-et-Garonne

2023-09-21 21:17:00

The first hybrid photovoltaic power plant in France, based both on panels placed on the ground and others floating on the water, supported by the solar energy producer Amarenco and a local mixed economy company, was inaugurated on Thursday in Lot-et-Garonne, noted AFP.

At a cost of five million euros, the installation was built on an industrial wasteland in Montpezat d’Agenais, 20 km north of Agen, with more than 10,000 solar panels spread over two hectares on the ground and on the three hectares of a water point in a former gravel pit.

With a power of 4.8 MWp (megawatt-peak), this “first hybrid power plant in France” will produce electricity for 2,500 people, or nearly 1,400 homes, explained Nicolas Hauchecorne, general manager of Solar France at Amarenco.

For Mr. Hauchecorne, who intends to “multiply photovoltaic projects” in this “agricultural department”, the solar installation will save 250 tonnes of CO2 per year, or “the equivalent of 1,300 Paris – New York flights”.

According to Pascal de Sermet, CEO of Avergies, a mixed economy company which supports the energy transition in the department, the panels installed on floats will be “refreshed by water, and will therefore have greater productivity” and allow “to promote an old gravel pit, which cannot be used for anything else and which cannot be used for agriculture”.

The electricity produced will be resold to Enedis and local authorities will collect the IFER tax (flat rate taxation of network companies), which should bring in 7,000 euros per year for thirty years for the small town of Montpezat d’Agenais (550 inhabitants).

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