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A man in Scotland has been diagnosed with monkeypox today (Monday), according to the country’s National Health Service.

Some countries in the world are facing a difficult situation due to this new monkey mother. In this case, Scotland has found the first person in the country to be infected with monkeypox. He is being isolated and treated. Also, the persons who were in contact with him are being identified.

Nick Binn, Director of Public Health in Scotland, said: “We are working with the Government of Scotland and the United Kingdom to investigate the location of this first monkey monkey in Scotland. Those in close contact with the infected are being identified and advised on precautionary measures. ” said.


‘தினமணி’ இணையப் பதிப்பு – சந்தா செலுத்த :
தினமணி டெலிகிராம் சேனலில் இணைய இங்கே கிளிக் செய்யவும்.


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