The first verified patient may have been located

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A study published in the New York Times and the prestigious journal Science found that Corona’s first probable case was in the seafood market in the city of Wuhan and in fact it was probably one of the hawkers in it.

The study actually refutes the World Health Organization’s claim that the first patient was an accountant a few miles from the seafood market in the city of Wuhan.

The study’s lead researcher, Michael and Ruby, is considered a prodigy in the pursuit of viral development and works at the University of Arizona in the US. Seafood Wholesale Market, was indeed infected with the virus and operated in the market during the outbreak.

The first verified patient, if indeed she is the one according to the new study, is a woman named Wei Guishian who was diagnosed with blue on December 11, 2019. Indeed, the World Health Organization has also documented a case of a woman sick on this market-related date.

As early as the end of December 2019, the city of Wuhan noticed that there was an unusually large morbidity in unrecognized pneumonia in people who worked in the market – which has almost no air exchange despite being living corpses (including exotics). But a World Health Organization delegation in January 2020 concluded that the first patient was an accountant who was not in the area at all. The man, who sells as Chen, was unrelated to the market and lived as mentioned a few miles away.

But the new study published on Thursday shows that in fact he only fell ill on December 16, according to the doctors who treated him and that the original claim that he allegedly fell ill on December 8 stemmed from his visit to dental care, and did not suffer from corona at all then.


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