The first woman to govern Ecuador

The first woman to govern Ecuador

2023-10-01 07:05:00

After the first electoral round, the general comment is that in the second round a choice will be made between the youngest candidate and the first woman to govern the country. And although in the first case the assessment is correct, given that until today the youngest president has been Jaime Roldós; In the second it would be more appropriate to say that, if she wins, this would be the first time that a woman is elected at the polls, since another woman already governed Ecuador in the 19th century.

During the civil war of 1882-1883, while Ignacio de Veintimilla established his headquarters in Guayaquil after proclaiming himself dictator, his niece, Marietta de Veintimilla, commanded the garrison of Quito, where “she began to be the Governor of the State with more firmness and tyranny. that the father… She has been the soul of the resistance in Quito; “She alone has governed these provinces during the Dictator’s absence,” according to the contemporary newspaper ‘Los Principles’.

In 1883, when the forces of La Restauración, opposed to Veintimilla, were preparing to take the Government Palace, she achieved the support of the troops, who, calling her ‘La Generalita’, followed her orders, until finally the Palace was taken and she was kept. in captivity for several months, before being banished.

It is worth asking if it is presentism, a conceptual error that leads to forgetting the particular conditions of the past and considering that everything has always been as it is today; the heroization of women by history, which at the same time makes them exceptional, eliminates their concrete actions; the lack of historical knowledge or simple forgetfulness which leads to forgetting Marietta’s participation in the country’s historical events.

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In any case, she already said it in her ‘Pages of Ecuador’, where she tells her perspective of the events that happened in those years: ‘knowing human justice, I did not even entertain the hope that my sacrifices could be taken into consideration. some day’.

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