The flights keep getting more expensive: this is how the airlines are fooling the Israelis

As a result, the various airlines saw the huge demand that was rising and began to charge extremely high prices for plane tickets. In a comprehensive review conducted by “Israel Hayom” of the prices of direct flights of the Israeli airlines El Al, Israir and Arkia, huge gaps were discovered between the average prices in 2019, before the outbreak of the corona virus, and the situation today. The destinations tested are at least some of the Israelis’ favorite destinations among them: Bangkok, Paris, London, Rome, New York, Budapest and Berlin.

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El Al flights to London have become more expensive by 197% since 2019 – the sharpest jump in the test. If in December 2019 the price of a ticket to the capital of England was 345 dollars – in December 2022 it will already cost 681 dollars. The same goes for Paris: the price of an El Al flight to the City of Lights in 2019 was $299, and since then it has increased by 186% to $555.


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