The flower grower cries misery on social media. Lucarelli crushes him: “Already done”

The flower grower cries misery on social media.  Lucarelli crushes him: “Already done”

Wild Lucarelli and tulip grower

Selvaggia Lucarelli unmasks the flower grower’s tears: “He has already done it in 2021”

Il movie where theagricultural entrepreneur weeps for the tulips cut by the hailstorm it went viral on the net, within a few hours. Not only that, many users are helping him by starting a fundraiser, to help the flower grower. The journalist also took part in the whole context Wild Lucarelliwhich in the whole affair tries to clarify.

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Wild Lucarelli relies on Twitter and writes: “Yesterday Heartbreaking video of a farmer has gone viral crying in front of her hail-damaged tulip field. The inevitable fundraising started immediately! But what did you know about this story when you donated money? Giuseppe e Michael Savino are the creators of the format ‘Tulips of Puglia’

Selvaggia Lucarelli unmasks the flower grower: “He knows the risk well. Look what he did in 2021”

The journalist continues on Twitter: “In their Cascina Savino horticultural companytwo years ago they planted thousands of tulips to bring beauty to their territory, sure, but also to start a business. The atmospheric event that hit the Foggia area is not exactly an exception and good Savino, a farmer, knows the risk well. She knows him so well that look what happened in 2021″.

Watch the video of the crying flower grower

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