The flying car could very quickly arrive on the market in the United States

The Switchblade flying car just got FAA approval in the United States, which would make it the first flying car to hit the market. If all goes well, it could well take off in a few weeks.

Tests are progressing quickly for the first flying car

While the transition from thermal cars to electric cars is accelerating more and more, the arrival of flying cars could transform the transport market even more radically. After 14 years of testing, American company Samson Air has finally deemed its Switchblade safe for flight.

This luxury two-seater hybrid electric car was designed to offer all the conveniences to passengers. It can reach a maximum altitude of 16,000 feet, with a cruising speed of 160 mph (258 km/h). Technically, it’s more of a car plane: the wings of the small plane fold or unfold, like the blade of a Swiss army knife, and allow the vehicle to move from the ground to the air, or from the air to the city ​​streets, with a smooth transition.

Sam Bousfield, CEO of Samson Sky and inventor of the Switchblade, believes it will now likely be a few more years before the general public can fly Switchblades, but testing, which began the day after FAA approval , moving fast. When it hits the market, Bousfield expects the Switchblade to cost around $170,000.

Innovation for transforming mobility

Apart from the flying car, innovations in terms of transport follow one another to adapt to a changing transport sector. From research into next-generation automotive fuels to the development of supersonic speed trains, developments are responding to new mobility needs.


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