Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Glushko said that the certification procedures for Nord Stream 2 are underway, but the department does not rule out that opponents of the project will try to prevent this, RIA Novosti reports. According to Glushko, all the necessary steps have been taken to implement the project.

“The procedures are underway, they are quite complicated, and it is still difficult to say what legal squiggles can be used by the opponents of this project,” he said.

Earlier, Klaus-Dieter Maubach, chairman of the board of Uniper, one of five European investors in the construction of the pipeline, said that the certification process will take a long time, which will prevent fuel supplies from starting this winter.

The Kremlin noted that the launch of Nord Stream 2 is proceeding as usual, but did not name a specific date for the start of work.

The construction of a gas pipeline from Russia to Germany with a capacity of 55 billion cubic meters per year was completed in early September.

Václav Bartushka, Czech ombudsman for energy security, said that Europe, being Russia’s largest gas sales market, needs to take a “tough consumer stance” on issues related to gas prices.

On October 1, Rada deputy Ilya Kiva spoke about the risk of Ukraine’s collapse due to Russian gas supplies to Hungary. Gazprom and Hungary signed a 15-year contract. The document assumes the supply of 4.5 billion cubic meters. meters of gas annually bypassing the territory of Ukraine. The deputy called this decision “the destruction of the Ukrainian gas transportation system, which brings about $ 3 billion to the Ukrainian budget annually.”


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