The former head of the German Navy ended up in the Peacemaker base after the words about the Crimea – RBC

Kai-Ahim Shenbach

(Photo: Bernd Wüstneck / dpa / Global Look Press)

The former head of the German Naval Forces, Vice Admiral Kai-Akim Schönbach, was included in the database of the Ukrainian portal “Peacemaker” for “participation in attempts to legalize the occupation of Crimea by Russian invaders,” follows from the data of the portal.

There is no Crimean peninsula [у Украины]he will never return <...>, that’s a fact,” Schönbach said at a conference at India’s Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defense Research and Analysis.

The head of the Munich Conference was included in the database of the site “Peacemaker”

Wolfgang Ischinger

After these words, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry demanded that the German government refute Schönbach’s words, as they “undermine the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine,” Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolaenko said. According to Nikolaenko, Crimea will return to Ukraine, and Schönbach’s statements are “categorically unacceptable.” The Foreign Ministry also summoned German Ambassador Anka Feldhusen after Schönbach’s words.

The German Ministry of Defense stated that Schönbach’s words “in no way correspond to the position of the ministry.” The Defense Ministry also noted that Schönbach “will have the opportunity to speak out” in front of Bundeswehr Inspector General Eberhard Zorn.


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