The Fourth Wise King in the novel by the Vaticanist Mimmo Muolo

twelve o’clock, 23 March 2021 – 19:16

“By another way”: from religious legend to the present day

of Ro. Ru.

Mimmo Muolo, Vatican expert from Avvenire, born in Puglia but Neapolitan by adoption, offers an adventurous and poetic novel, “By another way” the legend of the fourth Magio (Pauline editions), in which the protagonist’s journey becomes a metaphor for the dramas of our world and our tortuous search for the meaning of life. According to a legend, the magi who came from the East to pay homage to the newborn Jesus were four and not three. The fourth, Artaban, was supposed to bring him some precious stones as a giftbut, having left late, he was unable to reach his companions and arrived in Bethlehem when the Holy Family had already emigrated to Egypt to escape Herod’s persecution. In the novel Peraltra strada, Mimmo Muolo reinvents the wanderings of the Fourth Magio in the footsteps of the Nazarene until a surprising ending, in which the sum of the delays accumulated by the protagonist is transformed into a dazzling advance. The world crossed by Artaban in the novel is deliberately similar to ours. A world in which the phenomenon of migration has all the painful corollaries that the news testifies to us, in which the political-economic imbalance between the north and the south of the world is causing innocent victims, while climate change, forced prostitution, epidemics and persecutions unearth tragedies against the weakest. In this sense, the assonance with the magisterium of Pope Francis and his “prophetic” denunciation of those evils appears very clear. A denunciation that also resounds in the recent Encyclical “Brothers all”, of which this volume seems to be a tribute, in particular when the protagonist plays the role of a good Samaritan ante litteram.

March 23, 2021 | 19:16

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