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That smells like trademark infringement …

More than two billion people worldwide use the WhatsApp messenger – now a perfume with the same name is in an Indian online shop popped up.

The pack and bottle are not only designed in WhatsApp green, they are also adorned with the unmistakable logo of the messenger service. The manufacturing company John Phillips advertises that the perfume is intended for “everyday use”. Just like its namesake.

And how does WhatsApp smell? In the Flipkart online store, its scent is said to be wooden described, with a base note of patchouli and white musk, complemented by notes of rose and citrus fruits. “The emotions that are symbolized by the fragrance mixtures range from innocent to sensual, from intense to stimulating,” advertises John Phillips.

If you want to experience the perfume from the “luxury segment” (manufacturer advertising) yourself, you have to pay the equivalent of around two euros for the 60 milliliter bottle. That is about two euros more than is due for daily use of the WhatsApp messenger (not counting the value of the personal data that is disclosed there).

However, the WhatsApp perfume is currently not available. The manufacturer also has a number of other fragrances on offer, also for real technology fans. There is, for example, the perfume “Wi-Fi”, which is classified as “dangerously long-lasting” is advertised. Who didn’t want that?


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