The frequency of the new “12 Iraqia” channel 2023 on Nilesat and Arabsat

The frequency of the new “12 Iraqia” channel 2023 on Nilesat and Arabsat

As the Iraqi channel 12 seeks, through its new frequency on Nilesat, to reach all viewers everywhere in the world with the highest quality and accuracy without interruption, and there are many fans of this channel looking for the new frequency after the last update, and this is what we will present in the article It is considered one of the pioneers of satellite channels in the Arab region.

Channel 12 Iraqia, the new 12 Iraqia, 2023, on Nilesat and Arabsat

Channel 12 works to present the most important series that all viewers love, especially because it displays a number of works that receive great interest.

Iraqi Channel 12 gets millions of daily views, and it also offers many other nationalities from series such as (Syrian, Iraqi and Egyptian).

Iraqi Channel 12 series

Channel 12 Iraqi works to choose its content carefully in order to provide the Arab world with the best dramas that do not offend customs and traditions, so we find that the channel offers family content that suits all age groups, and attracts more followers to watch it.

And this channel varies in presenting its content, so it does not specialize in showing only one type of series, and among the most important works of Iraqi Channel 12:

  • The Nadia series, which has been produced since 1988.
  • Under the Iraqi razor series, produced since 1961.
  • Zarq Waraq, an Iraqi comedy programme.
  • The series of his son, the Turkish ambassador.

The frequency of the new Iraqi channel 12 on Nilesat 2023

This channel is considered one of the newly appeared channels, and although it was only launched for a short period of time, it was able to achieve great success, and it formed a large base of viewers from all over the world, and you can easily download Iraqi channel 12 and watch it on your device, through several steps Simple, manually on the Nilesat satellite

  • Frequency: 12604 (V)
  • Polarization: horizontal
  • Satellite: Nilesat
  • Error correction coefficient: 7/8
  • Quality: SD

Characteristics of Iraqi Channel 12

  • It is one of the unencrypted and also free channels that can be received on many satellites easily, and watched at all times without spending any money.
  • Provides content suitable for all age groups and all tastes, and refrains from displaying any final content that violates morals.
  • It displays its content with high accuracy and quality, by using the latest technologies such as “HD” and “SD”.

How to set the Iraqi channel 12 on the receiver

  • First, we press the OK icon on the remote control to enter the main menu.
  • Then we click on the “Options” icon.
  • Then we click on the manual installation option.
  • Then we add the frequency of our channel shown above.
  • We add the rest of the data such as coding factor and polarization.
  • We press the OK button on the remote control.
  • Finally, we wait a few seconds for the channel to load on the TV.
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