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The days are organized for Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15 September by Gian Luigi Marseglia, director of the pediatric clinic of the Policlinico San Matteo in Pavia. The lessons are intended for an audience of jurists, teachers, pedagogues and psychologists

What are the current frontiers in the field of evolutionary age medicine? the theme of two online meetings organized for Tuesday 14 September and Wednesday 15 from Gian Luigi Marseglia, full professor of Pediatrics and, among other things, director of the pediatric clinic at San Matteo di Pavia (the Domp project). The goal of the meetings informative and addressed to an audience not only of doctors but also of jurists, teachers, pedagogues and psychologists.

It begins Tuesday 14 at 5.50 pm: Marseglia will introduce the meeting in dialogue with the Corriere journalist Simona Ravizza. To follow, the magisterial readings
Born today in Italy

from Fabio Mosca
, director of the Mangiagalli Institute in Milan and Parents and children at the time of Covid-19 of the psychologist and psychotherapist Fulvio Scaparro. The conclusions from about 19 by the same Marseglia and Ravizza.

Even the meeting of Wednesday 15 it will be introduced at 5.50 pm by Gian Luigi Marseglia and Simona Ravizza. The lectures of Vassilios Fanos, full professor of pediatrics in Cagliari (The child of the future9 and of Tomaso Vecchi, Professor of Psychology in Pavia (As the child remembers). Closes a new dialogue between Marseglia and Ravizza.

Participation in free online meetings. Registrations must be made online on this platform.

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