The future is already around us

The future is already around us

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Scientists tell us that we have just crossed the fifth planetary limit, that of chemical pollution which “ is not compatible with remaining in a safe operating space for humanity “. We have a choice: react or ignore this degradation of our environment which threatens the habitability of the Earth. Our guests have decided to get involved, listen to them, it’s inspiring!

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Guests :

Julien Vidal, author of 2030 glorious, living utopiasDomaine du Possible collection at Actes Sud and producer of 2030 glorious, the podcast of realistic utopias

Cedric Carlesengineer and designer, founder ofAtelier 21, a citizen laboratory “which fights to advance the energy transition”. The Regenbox to regenerate alkaline batteries and container-school to develop the economic sector of renewable energies arrive in Africa

Oscar Ouendeno and Ousmane Bari of the Techlab of the University of Labé in Guinea Conakry

Larbi Ouizymehead of Fablab Temara in Morocco

Emily Saba of the Faso Civic association in Burkina Faso.

(Rebroadcast January 21, 2022).


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